Justin Simmons, the second-best safety in the NFL this year, was just snubbed for his first Pro Bowl.

He was robbed. Ignored. Slept on.

However you want to say it, Simmons deserved to make his first career Pro Bowl but was slighted, in favor of Minkah Fitzpatrick and Earl Thomas. That’s no offense to Fitzpatrick and Thomas; the young buck (Fitzpatrick) and the wily, old veteran (Thomas) are each having great seasons. But, Simmons is having a better one.

According to Pro Football Focus, Simmons’ 90.7 overall grade makes him the second-best safety among qualified players. He’s also tied for first in forced incompletions and he’s allowed a second-lowest 29.5 passer rating to opponents this season.

In terms of advanced stats, he’s a superstar this year. And he’s still strong in the good, old fashioned stats too. His 72 solo tackles are tied for seventh-best among safeties and his four interceptions are tied for fourth-most. To be fair to Fitzpatrick, he has five picks this season and three of them have resulted in touchdowns. (Simmons also has one pick-6.)

But this pick last week by Simmons against Kansas City in the snow was incredible:

Even more to Simmons’ credit, he far and away has more tackles than the two who made it ahead of him (Fitzpatrick 45, Thomas 33) and has also been targeted much more often (44 times compared to 23 and 13) while allowing a much lower passer rating to opponents.

All around, Simmons has been playing better football than arguably any safety in the league, and with Chicago’s Sherrick McManis being the only one graded higher than him (in only 26 snaps) Simmons is clearly the best safety in the AFC.

While the fourth-year, rising star Simmons was snubbed, Von Miller made his eighth straight Pro Bowl. Miller’s going through a down season, with only eight sacks, but his star status does bring many double and triple-teams his way.

Miller’s definitely having a down season, graded at a 76.3 overall (32nd-best edge rusher) but he is the second-best run defender from the position per Pro Football Focus. Miller has only missed the Pro Bowl once, in 2013, when his season was shortened to nine games due to a knee injury.

Next up, the 5-9 Broncos face the 3-10-1 Lions at 2:25 p.m. MT this Sunday.