While speaking to the media on Tuesday, Broncos safety Kareem Jackson made his thoughts on Coronavirus and its potential effects on the 2020 NFL season clear.

“I just think for us it doesnt make sense to play any games unless it is completely, 100 percent safe for us to go out there,” Jackson said. “If there is any threat to us being able to contract COVID of any way and spread it to our families or anybody else that we’re around, it just doesn’t make sense.”

That won’t be music to the ears of Broncos Country, who are anxiously anticipating what should be the most exciting and competitive team they’ve had since 2015. That said, you can’t blame him for being fearful of the virus and what it could do to his family.

With that in mind, several ideas, such as playing without fans and playing the games all in one location to decrease team travel, have been thrown out as possible solutions, though Jackson sees problems with those as well.

“I think I heard them saying something about us playing with no fans and all that, Jackson said. “That will be like practice. In my opinion that would suck.”

Fortunately for Jackson, it does look like the NFL is planning to have fans at their games this season. Earlier this week, ProFootballTalk’s Mike Florio reported that it was “possible if not probable” the NFL will play with fans in stadiums.

Also, on Wednesday the NFL instituted a new ticket refund policy that will allow fans to get a full refund or credit towards a future game if they aren’t allowed to attend or the game is canceled. That means that on Thursday, when the NFL schedule is released, fans should be able to buy tickets and could plan on coming to games in the fall.