The Broncos are now 4-2 after back-to-back losses to the Falcons and Chargers, with slow starts looking to be the main culprit.

Through the first six games of the season, the Broncos have been outscored 41-13 in the first quarter, with both sides of the ball holding a portion of the blame.

Offensively, Denver needs to figure out a way to maintain possession and control the clock. Holding onto the ball for just 29 minutes a game, the Broncos rank 25th in the league in time of possession.

Defensively, Denver needs to get opponents off the field on third down and stop allowing big chunks of rushing yards in the early drives.

“We’ve got to fix the things that have been going wrong since the Falcons game,” Kayvon Webster told The Sports Guy Mike Show on Mile High Sports Radio. “Every day is a challenge with fixing those things. Coach is giving us a good game plan, and we’re working toward fixing it.”

The Broncos have enough talent to reach the playoffs and possibly make another Super Bowl run, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some kinks that need to be worked out.

With the current struggles on both sides of the ball, some fans are voicing their opinions. Some of these opinions include the idea that the Broncos aren’t practicing enough.

“What do they mean, we’re not practicing enough?” Webster said. “The guys who are saying those things, they could have never, ever played football. You can’t just stand around and then go execute a game plan. You have to walk through these things, you have to jog through these things and that leads up to Sunday. Nobody stands around until Sunday and then goes out and performs.”

Speaking of practice, Coach Kubiak has installed a “hat day” practice for the team that started last year. This is a day of practice that includes almost no physical contact. Webster explains what these practices include.

“It just slows it down for you,” Webster said. “It’s more mental than it is physical. During hat day with practice, we get more mental reps. Actually visualize what’s going to go on during these plays. I think that’s been helpful in keeping us fresh. I think it’s a good tool to have.”

To listen to the complete interview with Kayvon Webster, including his thoughts on downing a Riley Dixon punt inside the five yard line against the Chargers, click the podcast below…

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