You’ve read it, heard it and probably even thought it.

It doesn’t matter who the Broncos quarterback is in 2016.

The reality is Mark Sanchez is just a guy. Trevor Siemian is just a guy. Paxton Lynch has loads of potential, but for now is just a guy.

The success of this team and whether or not they can repeat as Super Bowl Champions hinges solely on the defense. That unit will dictate their fate.

And the group is going to be really damn good.

Denver’s D returns 12 of its 14 best players (which I detail in the September issue of Mile High Sports Magazine) and that doesn’t even include Vance Walker who was lost for the year during training camp with an ACL injury.

With so many questions at quarterback, though, the general public and the oddsmakers in Las Vegas are down on the team.

What a mistake that is.

Where can you make a buck or $100 this season*? Let’s dive into the five best Broncos prop bets of 2016.

*Disclaimer: Don’t gamble illegally. Or do. Whatever.

Prop bet No. 1 – Denver 2-1 to win the AFC West

The Broncos went 4-12 in 2010 and then brought in John Elway to save the day.

One of No. 7’s first moves in the front office was picking Von Miller with the second selection of the 2011 draft and the organization hasn’t looked back.

The Broncos have won five straight AFC West titles (including one with Tim Tebow), so why in the world would that streak end this year with the best defense in football? Kansas City (2.2-1 to win the division) and Oakland (2.5-1) haven’t proved they can get over the hump.

It’s not happening this season, either.

Prop bet No. 2 – Gary Kubiak 40-1 to win Coach of the Year

Last year almost all the praise went to defensive coordinator Wade Phillips, and rightfully so.

Phillips got the most out of a group Jack Del Rio consistently underachieved with.

But Gary Kubiak never received (and still hasn’t) his proper due from both fans and media alike for how well he managed a brutally touchy QB situation.

Well, Kubes has the same task this year, and if he once again pushes all the right buttons maybe people will start to notice. It’s excellent value for a great head coach who deserves more credit.

Prop bet No. 3 – Von Miller 200-1 to win NFL MVP

Yes, a defender hasn’t won the award since Lawrence Taylor did it for the Giants in 1986, but you’d be crazy to assume Von Miller can’t do it this year.

Just look at the way Miller found a new level in the playoffs against Tom Brady and Cam Newton – arguably the game’s two best quarterbacks.

Miller got paid massive money this offseason and looks poised to have a monster season.

It would probably take breaking Michael Strahan’s sack record (22.5 in 2001) and a ton of forced turnovers, but at 200-1, it’s tempting.

Prop bet No. 4 – C.J. Anderson 30-1 to lead the NFL in rushing

As the QB situation remains murky, the one thing no one is talking about is just how big a season Anderson could have.

For the first time in his career he’s the clear No. 1 running back; if Ronnie Hillman even makes the roster, he won’t steal many (if any) carries. Devontae Booker has potential, but this is C.J.’s job.

If the Broncos can feed Anderson the ball 30 times a game, behind a much improved offensive line, he should thrive.

The QB play isn’t going to be great this year; there’s no reason Anderson can’t run wild.

Prop bet No. 5 – The Broncos 16-1 to win Super Bowl LI

Last year, the Broncos were 14-1 to win it all; Las Vegas wasn’t buying Kubiak or another year of Peyton Manning.

That burned the books in the butt, as the Broncos found an unconventional way to get the job done and throw Denver one rockin’ parade.

Who says that can’t be the way this team gets it done? Unconventional and the Broncos go together like spaghetti and meatballs these days.

So while you keep reading, listening and thinking about the QB situation, remember: That flaw won’t limit the rest of this team.

Specifically, the defense – a unit being grossly undervalued once again.