All around Denver there is speculation. Speculation about one man: Tony Romo.

Tony Romo, currently, is a backup quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. That is really all he is. To the Cowboys, Romo is a car parked in the garage with a high payment and high miles. The Cowboys can no longer afford him if they intend to move ahead with that new Ferrari they have in Dak Prescott.

Romo is now on the lot, and he has indicated that Denver would be an ideal place to play, but apparently the Broncos are not interested. I am going to change that. Let’s sell John Elway a QB!

Dear John Elway,

Sir, I, Benny Bash (I’m fairly certain you have never heard of me, but I know Gil Whiteley), am contacting you in regards to Tony Romo. Tony is a great American. He represents what you can become if you are given a tough road – a path you must pave yourself. Tony was not drafted first overall like Cam Newton or Peyton Manning, or even yourself back in 1983. He was overlooked coming out of Eastern Illinois. Tony was undrafted altogether and signed as a free agent in 2003 with the Cowboys, where he signed his first contract totaling roughly $235,000.

Tony Romo overcame adversity and proved himself a Pro-Bowler in Dallas in 2006, replacing an injured Drew Bledsoe. (I know another guy who came in for Bledsoe and he turned out okay). Since that moment, Tony Romo has the highest NFL fourth quarter passer rating. I know, Mr. Elway, that you of all people know how important being good in the fourth quarter can be!

Now, Mr. Elway, I understand Tony has been beat up recently. His back, his collar bones (plural) and a number of other injuries are all probably on your mind. But let’s not forget the second-best QB in Broncos history also had questions with injuries.

Peyton Manning came into Denver and ended up with record-breaking offenses, two Super Bowl appearances and one ring. Not too bad for a guy who had severe injury concerns. You went with “Plan A” and it worked out great for Mr. B.

The current situation in Denver is not terrible; but let’s be honest here, it could certainly be better. Trevor Siemian is probably not the long-term solution, and Paxton Lynch is not ready short term. And while it would be great to have Paxton come out and be the third-greatest QB in Broncos history, that might not happen for a year or three.

I will admit it is intriguing to not have to pay a whole lot for the quarterback position. Being able to still win and not pay a premium on the premium position is a dream come true. Not paying for a QB is much like not having a car payment. If you can still get to work on time and not break down, you can spend your money elsewhere; like a low-mileage, built tough offensive line, or maybe a shiny new defensive tackle. But QBs are vital, and like cars, sometimes you must get out the check book in order to get to your destination.

You need that used Tony Romo, Mr. Elway!

I know he has high miles and the front quarter panel has seen better days, but with those scratches comes experience and under that hood is a winner with horsepower. A car so fast, you have to turn your hat around backwards just to drive!

And let’s be honest here, how else are we going to get to the Super Bowl? The Bus? (He retired 11 years ago!)

Mr. Elway, I do trust that you will make the right decision. I know of no one else I would want to go on a drive with. But just know Broncos Country doesn’t want to ride in this minivan anymore. We want something else, something fast, that will take us all the way to Minnesota this time next year.


Benny Bash

P.S. – Paxton wants to know if we are there yet