If there’s one person in this world that knows how to take down Tom Brady and the New England Patriots when playing as a heavy underdog, it’s Eli Manning. Luckily, he just so happens to have a fairly close relationship with our quarterback, Peyton Manning, and he’s more than happy to share some of that knowledge.

Thanks to Bleacher Report, we now have access to this personal voicemail from Eli to Manning, where the youngest Manning informs his older brother how to dethrone Mr. Brady (Just in case: This is a joke).

You know, that may not be conventional advice for a Hall of Fame quarterback, but Eli knows what he’s doing. If he says close your eyes and chuck it, Peyton may want to close his eyes and chuck it.

I mean, if Eli can beat Brady twice in the playoffs, Peyton is more than capable of pulling off the upset on Sunday.