A look at 5 oft-mentioned candidates for the Broncos to take with the 20th pick

It’s nearly here! The 2017 NFL Draft will begin this Thursday night, at 6 p.m. MT in Philadelphia, for the first time in NFL history. The first round will be held on Thursday, with rounds two and three scheduled for Friday, and the final four rounds on Saturday. The Denver Broncos currently hold 10 selections, barring any sort of a trade, and they need those picks to pay off some serious dividends.

On Thursday, the Broncos are scheduled to have the 20th pick of the night. Which direction will they go with their first selection? Will the Broncos look to build up an offense that struggled to generate points in 2016? Or will they find more value grabbing a player to strengthen a still dangerous defensive unit?

Here are five of the more popular predictions for the Broncos’ first-round selection. Which one has the most appeal?