LOOK: Decades after “Shoeless Joe” there was the “Shoeless Nuggets”

Joe Jackson may have gone done in infamy as a member of the Chicago “Black Sox” baseball team that threw the 1919 World Series, but he was known before that time as “Shoeless” Joe — a nickname that has persevered to this day.

The fast-break Denver Nuggets of the early-to-mid 1980s under head coach Doug Moe never had a nickname that stuck quite as well as that Black Sox team had, but they did apparently borrow some fashion tips from the legendary outfielder from that squad.

A photo posted to Twitter by former Nuggets guard Lafayette “Fat” Lever reveals a behind-the-scenes look at some the funny things that can happen on team photo day.

The shot, which includes members of the 1984-85, ’85-86 and ’86-87 Nuggets (so we can’t be sure which year the photo comes from), captures life in the NBA in the late ’80s perfectly.

Take a look and see if you can identify the following items in a little game of “I spy.”

  1. Doug Moe’s untucked dress shirt
  2. T.R. Dunn standing on a box
  3. Fat Lever standing on a Pepsi crate
  4. Alex English’s dress socks
  5. T.R. Dunn’s missing shoes
  6. Wayne Cooper’s Oxfords and dress socks