LOOK: Dirk Nowitzki challenges Peyton Manning to a race

Peyton Manning and Cam Newton

Here in Denver, it tends to feel like we’ve got the oldest athlete in the world playing for our Broncos, but it’s not as if Peyton Manning is the only old guy left playing ball.

And why are these guys still playing ball, putting themselves through the daily wear and tear of training, when they could just as easily be relaxing on a veranda with a cold ice water and a $100,000 Rolex on their arm? Because they love the game and they love to compete.

And yesterday, Dirk Nowitzki, everybody’s favorite German sharpshooter, proved that point.

As you’d expect, people thought it was a FANTASTIC idea, and Mavericks’ small forward Chandler Parsons enlisted Broncos linebacker Von Miller to make it happen.

It’s on! But who do you got?

Well, like Von, I’ve got Manning, and it’s not even close.

Actually, did you know that Peyton Maning ran a 4.8-second 40 at the combine? That’s .48 second faster than Tom Brady‘s and only .09 seconds slower than Aaron Rodgers!

I mean, look at that speed!

(Sorry for the grainy video, but catching a 20-plus yard run from Peyton Manning is the equivalent of spotting Big Foot in the wild)

And sure, Dirk does a lot more running on a nighty basis, but that’s all the more reason why he’s going to be tired. Unless there’s a net at the end of those 40 yards, I’m not sure he’s going to know which direction to run.

Let us know who’ve you got in the comments!