Great googily moogily!

When you’re team is playing in February, you need to be accepting every good omen you can find. White jerseys? Heck yeah! The referee you’ve won five straight games under? Absolutely! An extra end zone? Uh, yeah, I guess…

Earlier in the week, we brought you guys an early look at the Broncos newly painted end zone at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara.

The problem … It was the wrong end zone.

Yep! Whoever was in charge of the groundskeeping down at “The Big Belt Buckle,” as Chris Berman might say, must have had orange and blue on their mind, because they painted both end zones in the Broncos’ colors.

And while they’ve since begun correcting their mistake, it’s hard to take greatness off the field.

The field may be “neutral” by kickoff, but everybody back here in Colorado won’t soon forget that Levi’s Stadium has already been dubbed the latest territory of Broncos Country.

And if Peyton Manning and company can just make sure to christen both end zones with a touchdown before the Panthers get a chance, the deed will be done.

This hilarious snafu can’t help but bring back memories of an all-time classic Snickers commercial. Hey that’s great, but who are the chefs?