Last week Nuggets longtime trainer Steve Hess posted a hilarious photo on Instagram with Nikola Jokic. Little did we know, it was just the first of several posts coming from Hess on his Serbian adventure with the Nuggets big man. The trip has proved to be quite… how do we say… revealing at times.

After being all smiles at home with Jokic, the two took in some sights.

This shot alongside a Yugo is classic. Clearly, the vehicle is Hess-sized, so we’re wondering if Joker took out the front seat, or just rode on top.

Jokic, a celebrity across Serbia, not just in his hometown of Sombor, posed alongside a winning horse at a race track. Anyone else notice that Joker is taller than the horse?

The trip hasn’t been all pleasure, though. Hess is still putting Jokic through the paces with a training regimen.

They even took the training outdoors, going all Rocky IV to get the big man in shape.

At the end of an outdoor workout, they posed for a picture that revealed, well, a whole lot of Serbian skin.

Enjoy the adventure Steve! We can’t wait for more pictures.