Imagine being a professional athlete, earning your spot on a team and earning your very own jersey.

That’s the reality for Su’a Cravens today, the 22-year old safety/linebacker hybrid who’s certain to bring something special to the Denver Broncos defense this year.

Currently, the Broncos are in their second week of OTAs, and Cravens — who was signed in late March — knows what his new jersey will look like on his new team.

Technically, it’s not Cravens’ jersey, it’s an old Aqib Talib jersey, which is why there’s a captain patch on the front. But, he will be wearing No. 21 this year.

And this morning, he got his custom, Crayola cleats. Check these out:

Like the position he plays and his crayon cleats, Cravens is a unique dude. Since the Broncos signed him and he showed himself overjoyed, playing “A Whole New World” in the background, it was clear Cravens is a must-follow on Twitter.

Lately, when he’s not at practice, Cravens has been engulfed by the NBA playoffs, like most sports fans. In the end, it sounds like he wants the Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron James to win, but it also sounds like he won a bet against new teammate Emmanuel Sanders when the Golden State Warriors pulled of their series victory in seven games.

Either way, it looks like Cravens is fitting in with the Broncos great to this point. He’ll be an incredibly unique player for the defense, able to play both safety and linebacker, a hybrid more and more teams are experimenting with in the league. That could mean a bit of job security for the 22-year old going forward, due to his versatility in being able to cover receivers and also be a sure tackler if the opposing offense goes run with him in the game.

We can’t wait to watch him on the gridiron, and we’ll be following on twitter all along the way.