LOOK: Von Miller meets up with Conan O’Brien and Josh Norman

1. Von Miller Peyton Manning may be the most famous person on the Denver Broncos, but Von Miller is definitely the most popular, and it's well deserved. Coming off what may have been the best performance of his career, Miller has been thrust into the national spotlight, and he loves it. He's funny, he's smart and he's all about the Denver Broncos.  Part of what goes into deciding the Super Bowl MVP is simply how well everybody knows your name. And with the Denver Broncos defense being a main topic of discussion, everybody knows Von Miller's name.  The only reason he's not higher on this list is because Miller's impact can go unnoticed at times. Offenses key on Von more than just about any other pass rusher in the league, and that means he's not always going to put up the stats he put up in the AFC Championship game. Instead, he paves the way for guys like Malik Jackson and Derek Wolfe to clean up on the inside.  Plus, if Wade Phillips really wants to stop Cam Newton from scrambling, he's going to have to get Miller and Ware to maintain containment, as opposed to crashing around the edge.  Nonetheless, even if the stats don't reflect, Von Miller is probably the most important person to a Broncos victory. 

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Upon landing in California, one of Von Miller‘s first stops was to meet up with Conan O’Brien to tape the latest addition of “Clueless Gamer,” a bit where Conan cluelessly plays video games with celebrities.


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If you remember, last season Conan sat down with Marshawn Lynch (who managed to sneak into this photo, too) and Rob Gronkowski to play a few rounds of Mortal Combat, and it was hilarious.

The bit will air later this week, so keep your eye out for Von and company. Knowing him, it’ll be worth your time.