On a May night in Denver, Colorado, there are hundreds of things to do, but this Saturday, I spent mine at the Pepsi Center watching the Colorado Mammoth. I had done this once before, but this was different — from the moment I walked into the Pepsi Center.

For starters, it was a playoff game: the Mammoth versus those pesky Roughnecks from Calgary. Now, I want to be honest and say it was also a night out for myself and the squad (I think that’s what the kids are calling friends these days), so the energy was there and we were ready to have a great time! My expectations coming into the night were simple: have a good time, cheer on the home team and see the Mammoth survive and advance.

First and foremost, we did have a great time — old friends, a few adult beverages and a sporting event, so how could it be anything but?

But the Pepsi Center and Mammoth went above and beyond for the Saturday night postseason matchup. From the classics like giant skeeball to the unique goal dance that the hardcore Mammoth fans did after every goal — thumbs on the chin, pinkies out to the side and a sway from side to side. And if we’re being honest, by game’s end we were all doing the dance!

As far as the game itself, well, I never played lacrosse, but I do have some experience broadcasting some lacrosse games. Actually, when I think about it, the sport was never offered in high school (shout out Norsemen). In fact it was something I was unfamiliar with until about ten years ago. Floor hockey is the easiest way to explain it, but there were a few things that stood out.

If you thought the line changes in hockey were far too often, you would have been shocked at the amount and frequency of them on Saturday night. There were moments when a line change occurred after a face off, which meant the players that were on the field for the face off stayed out there for a grand total of ten seconds. There is also a shot clock for each offensive possession, a thirty second clock that resets with a shot on goal.

One thing is certain: The game of lacrosse now has a few new fans in me and the squad. Unfortunately, the Mammoth lost in overtime by a final of 11-10, but the 13,000 strong had a great night despite the tough loss for the good guys.

A summer in Colorado has a lot to offer, but why not support some of the other local teams in town? You know some that have success. No need to look any further than the game of lacrosse! Support the Mammoth, and of course your defending National Champion Denver Pioneers. Tickets are affordable and a great night for friends or family.