Peyton Manning is so calculating, says Renaud Notaro of Helmer and Notaro on Mile High Sports AM 1340, he even had to plan the celebration for his record-breaking 509th passing touchdown celebration.

Whether or not the “hide-the-ball” schtick was contrived by Manning himself, or by his teammates, there’s no denying that “The Sheriff” might be better described as “The Tactician.” From his audibles at the line of scrimmage, to his dealings with the media, Manning does nothing without careful thought and consideration about the short- and long-term outcome.

Which is what makes is comments to Sports Illustrated’s Peter King over the weekend so curious. In his Monday Morning Quarterback column, King revealed that Manning disclosed that since his four neck surgeries in 2011 he has lost feeling in the fingertips of his throwing hand. The fact that Manning disclosed this information, plus more specific details about the quad injury that hobbled him over the latter stages of the 2014 season, came as a surprise to many, as Manning is generally extremely guarded in what information he lets out about his health – especially in the negative.

Notaro wonders if this isn’t a way for Manning to build in an excuse in the event the team fails to match the success of his first three seasons in Denver. Tom Helmer thinks it could be a way for Manning to add even more to his legacy. But is it all just a master manipulator of the media doing one of the things he does best (besides running an NFL offense)? Given Manning’s calculating nature, Helmer and Notaro think it might be the case.

Listen to the full discussion in the podcast below…

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