A constant sideshow that’s been in the background of the early-season struggles Russell Wilson has endured with the Denver Broncos, has been former Seattle Seahawks enjoying getting their jabs in.

You could see it in Week 1, when a cadre of members from the Legion of Boom joined the Seahawks on the sideline to relish in the upset victory over their former quarterback.

You could see it in Week 5, as Richard Sherman live-tweeted Russell Wilson’s primetime meltdown, as he covered the game for Amazon.

Now, this week, Richard Sherman invited Marshawn Lynch onto his podcast, and many safely assumed that the main focus would be burying Wilson, however, that wasn’t the case.

One of the most interesting moments of the podcast came when Sherman seemingly attempted to tee-up Marshawn Lynch to take a shot at his former quarterback.

Sherman asked Lynch how he felt about the backlash Russell Wilson has been receiving for his poor play, and Lynch offered a response that likely caught the All-Pro cornerback off balance.

“The backlash that bro just got like– and I know he is one of them heady guys bro,” Lynch said on Sherman’s podcast as he searched for the words to respond. “It’s more so I just want to know [how he’s doing]. I just want to tap in with him and make sure that, you feel me though, that dog (Wilson) is solid though. Because man, at the end of the day, like, I mean, I understand what this football shit is, but you feel me? I want to make sure a dog (Wilson) is straight in his mind. Don’t let that shit overshadow you, because at the end of the day, bro, you still a Super Bowl quarterback. You feel me? You know, you got a beautiful family, all the shit. But, you know, motherf*ckers have been going off the deep end with how they’ve been, and how they’ve been thinking.”

With all the negative comments and press Wilson has faced from his former teammates, one can safely bet that it must feel nice to finally see a fellow Seahawk have his back.