With many questions and situations to address, the Denver Broncos have their plate full this offseason. Having missed the playoffs in this season, the Broncos are positioned with the twentieth draft pick of the 2017 NFL draft.

Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller told Nate Lundy and Shawn Drotar on Mile High Sports Radio, “in a situation like Denver where, especially offensively, this is kind of an interesting window because you’ve got some key players that are getting a little bit older, and you got some key holes to fill.”

Miller finds this draft unique in the sense that, “there aren’t top tier players at quarterback and offensive tackle.”

Yet, where the draft stock lacks in these choice positions, it makes up in positions that are not normally that skilled.

“The tight end group is unnaturally strong this year. We normally don’t see a lot of tight ends drafted; I had two in my top twenty.   Safety is really strong; I have two safeties in my top ten. I don’t think that’s happened since Eric Berry and Earl Thomas came out, so just to give you a reference for how long that’s been,” said Miller.

Alabama’s O.J. Howard and Miami (Fla.) David Njoku are the top candidates at the tight end position, but Miller finds it unlikely that either of them will fall to the Broncos at twenty.

“I think just getting as much talent as possible is really the way to go,” said Miller.

To hear the full interview with Matt Miller, including his opinion on Deshaun Watson’s draft stock, listen to the podcast below.


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