McTelvin Agim (pronounced UH-geem) is a name Denver Broncos fans may soon know all too well.

Agim played for four years at the University of Arkansas, three of them coming as a defensive end before transitioning to defensive tackle as a senior. At 6’3” and 309 pounds, the Broncos are likely hoping he can continue to learn how to be an effective tackle at the NFL level, although scouts are a bit concerned about him learning how to be powerful enough to do so.

Of course, he certainly has motivation.

Agim was drafted at No. 95 overall, and now that Derek Wolfe has departed Denver, the rookie has taken the number to remind him of his position in the selection process.

What Agim brings to the field is a defensive end’s mentality to get off the ball with a quickness and a rip-pull move to get after the quarterback. Scouts are impressed with his ability to jump off the line of scrimmage with explosiveness and penetrate into the backfield. His athleticism and fluidity also stand out.

However, he is a work-in-progress due to playing only one year at DT. Given he’s a 300-pounder, it’s interesting he needs to work on both power as well as anchoring better against linemen who block him aggressively. Agim needs to develop second moves for when his first plan of attack gets thwarted by blockers, too.

Of course, all that experience as a defensive end and pass-rusher will pay off if Denver decides they need to move him back out to end. So, keep an eye out for how the Broncos play him this year and he will likely be moved around to find the best fit.

One thing is for sure, he’s motivated by his third-round draft position and will look to use that 95th pick to improve his game.