Meet the Week 26 ASPIRE Athlete of the Week: Nikki Strickler from Wheat Ridge High School

Congratulations to Nikki Stickler, a senior track athlete at Wheat Ridge High School, for receiving 650 votes out of a total 1,303 and being named the ASPIRE Athlete of the Week for Week 26!

The star of the Farmers track team posted the top long jump distance in Jefferson County and third best in the state, and is also completive in sprints and relays. She also plays on the Wheat Ridge soccer team in the spring and has learned to manage her time to bring her best effort no matter what discipline she’s competing in. Last season, Nikki was named All-Conference and Most Valuable Athlete at Wheat Ridge.

“Nikki Strickler is an exceptional young athlete and person in every way,” explained Wheat Ridge track-and-field coach Scott Chamberlin. “She’s as tenacious and driven as she is kind and thoughtful. I have never coached an athlete more reliable, hardworking, focused or positive.”

Focused on giving back to her community, Nikki volunteers with youth and elementary school sports programs, participates in fundraising and works with the Food Bank.

“She attacks everything with enthusiasm, determination and effort,” ,” added Coach Chamberlin. “Instead of complaining or whining, she conquers and smiles. She is a champion of athletics and of life.”

Congratulations again to Nikki for being named the ASPIRE Athlete of the Week for Week 26! ASPIRE Sports Drinks are now available at all Target, Safeway and Whole Foods locations.