Melvin Gordon meant it when he said he’d give everyone something to talk about!

On Wednesday, Gordon was a guest on The Jim Rome Show. He gave insight into what his conversations were like with Russell Wilson before he was eventually traded to the Broncos. Gordon talked about how he highly encouraged Wilson to want to become a team member, even before he knew if he would also be there in Denver. 

Gordon referred to a recent scathing Denver Post article during the segment, saying, “I seen a really trash article about me.”

In the aforementioned article, Gordon was described by the writer as “Either an underrated, strong, confident, misunderstood fantasy-league workhorse or a selfish, me-first, fumble-prone headache.”

Host, Jim Rome, turned the conversation to the article. He asked, “Do you hear something like that, and does it roll off your back, sounds like maybe not, or does that kind of piss you and is that unfair?”

Gordon did not hold back.

“That pissed me off. I couldn’t care less about the fumbles or all that other jazz they were talking about,” Gordon answered. “What kind of irritated me the most was the ‘bad teammate’ part. Like, I’ve never had a teammate — ever — since high school, since little league, ever tell me that I was a bad teammate.”

Gordon already had to respond to other adverse reports earlier this month. He was honest about his desire to remain a starter and would never “lay down” and accept a backup position. He responded to his doubters by thanking them for “the extra motivation.” 

Gordon continued, “For them to say that, I guarantee you can ask any teammate, and they (someone who says he’s a bad teammate) would look stupid. So, that kind of bothered me a lot because that’s the first time I’ve ever heard that, and like I said, I take pride in being a good teammate, man.”

Despite all the blowback he’s received lately, don’t expect Gordon to start keeping his opinions to himself.

“When I get to the media, I don’t sugarcoat anything. I keep it real… What’s the point of holding back?”

After two solid seasons, in which he ran for 1,900-plus yards and 17 touchdowns for the Broncos, Denver decided to bring Gordon back this year to pair with Javonte Williams. Now, he’s looking not only to prove himself as a strong running back even in his “older” years, but to prove he’s not selfish, too.