During the press conference that followed the Denver Broncos’ Wednesday practice, Broncos Country got to witness one of the more candid moments we’ve seen at a presser this offseason.

Melvin Gordon took the podium and, upon being asked if he was still holding out hope that he could be the lead back come Week 1, shared that he thinks that the running back competition has already been decided.

“To be honest, I think they kinda have a plan on what they want heading in,” Gordon told the media, in regard to the running back competition. “But, as far as the rotation goes, I really don’t know. I think they want ‘Vonte’ (Denver Broncos RB Javonte Williams), probably, to be the guy, but we do rotate. He’ll take the first series and then, the second series with the ones, I’ll take. Sometimes we switch, but, you kinda know what it is being out here. But I don’t know how they’re going to do the rotation. I gotta go back and look at how they kinda did things in Green Bay — with the carries and things like that — but I’m not sure. My mindset is just kinda ‘go out here and just compete. Go hard as I can.’ I kinda don’t know what the future holds, as far as with that, but I just kinda want to put my best foot forward so when I do go out there, they’ll be like, ‘Ok. We need to get him out here more.’ I know I got the game, I know I can play, I know I still got the juice. But we’ll see, man, I really don’t know.”

And just in case his demeanor didn’t convey it to the media in attendance and all the fans watching at home, Gordon made it very clear that this competition is something he’s passionate about.

“It matters, man,” Gordon said to the press when asked if how the Denver Broncos split up the carry rotation was something that mattered to him. “I’m a competitor, man. I come here, I want to compete, I want to do all the right things, try to say all the right things. You kinda know what it is at times, unfortunately, but I’m still a competitor at the end of the day. You kinda take that away then, the love’s kinda gone. So, in my head every day, I kinda am telling myself, ‘that’s not the case, they’re not just giving anyone a position. This is the NFL, you should be able to — you have to earn it. You have to earn it.’ And that’s what I’m telling myself every day. Nothing’s given, y’know what I’m saying. So that kinda keeps me going, keeps me focused, keeps me finishing, keeps me grinding.”

Although it seems Gordon believes the competition is trending in Williams’ favor, he still believes he has a path to victory.

“You don’t know how the future plays out with anything, but you just gotta go out there and just ball out,” Gordon said, in regard to how he can ‘earn’ the starting job. “You gotta make every opportunity count. Whether it’s the same or less [than] last year, I really don’t know. I really don’t know. It’s just crazy. I know when I get in there I gotta make it count, and that’s all that matters. I gotta do what it takes. [Coach Hackett] told me coming in, ‘End of the day, it’s about the Super Bowl. It’s about winning a Super Bowl and we’re gonna do whatever is best for the team.’ So, I’m bought into that 100 percent because I want the ring more than anything, but I do feel I can help this team, so when I get in, I’ve gotta show that.”

No matter who wins the starting job, the Denver Broncos are sure to have two very talented running backs.