The Denver Nuggets will wrap-up their season tonight against the Golden State Warriors in what is Melvin Hunt’s final audition for the permanent job.

Calling the Nuggets season disappointing is an understatement. It’s been a year filled with player revolts, a head coach telling the media his team has quit, atrocious play on the floor and a midseason coaching change. Plainly, this season has been a train-wreck for the Nuggets.

With all thats happened Hunt has been a breath of fresh air on the bench. Players have backed him off the court (the complete opposite of the Shaw era) and turned a corner on the court. Hunt lead the Nuggets to a 6-2 record when first taking over before being told rest players by management. A move that can only be classified as tanking. Because of this the team has struggled of late but that can’t be pinned directly on Hunt.

Hunt’s biggest accomplishment in his short tenure as head coach may be the play of Danilo Gallinari. The first time head coach has created an environment that has allowed Gallinari to flourish. Since March 3rd there’s no question he’s been Denver’s best player. Gallo has lead the team in scoring and had the best two games of his career scoring 40-plus points twice.

Ultimately Gallinari’s resurgence may not be enough to remove interim from Hunt’s title. According to people close to the organization Tim Connelly and Josh Kroenke are leery of hiring another coach with little to no previous head coaching experience.

Either way Hunt has made a compiling case that he should be given a long hard look in the offseason and tonight is his last chance to leave a lasting impression.