The Denver Broncos are reeling. To get back on track, the team needs a win against the Washington Football Team, who’s struggling in their own right, at home on Halloween Sunday.

Will the Broncos finally end the skid against the Washington Football Team? Or will the wheels continue to fall off of the once-promising season? What does our team think the final score be?

Another week and another discussion from the Mile High Sports Broncos team. Here is what they think about Denver’s upcoming matchup against the NFC East foe.

Are you surprised there was not a change in the coaching staff following the loss to the Browns?

Zach Segars (@Zach_Segars): I’m not surprised, considering how much time is left in the season and the lack of an exciting coordinator to take the reigns, but I’m certainly disappointed. Fangio, Shurmur, and McMahon have lost the locker room, and it’s hard to see the Broncos winning again as long as that trio is in place.

Rich Kurtzman (@RichKurtzman): Yes and no. I guess I’m more disappointed than surprised. It would be great to see a new play-caller.

Lindsay Bebout (@lindsaybebout): I am not surprised because changing coaches is a big deal and causes a lot of chaos. It’s still so early in the season!

JT Matthews (@JTMatthews01): In a way, yes because I feel that the coaching has been the biggest weakness of this team. However, the fact is Paton is in his first year as a General Manager and it seemed that the plan was to see what Fangio could do with another season under his belt. To the detriment of the team, he is being allowed to continue to fritter away game after game. If a change was coming, now would have been the time to make it happen.
Nicholas Manning (@Dr_NManning): Not surprised at all. Paton does not seem like the type of general manager to panic. With this team only one game out of playoff contention, it would be a move to appease the frustrated fan base.

Joey Richards (@JRDrafts):  I am not. While the Broncos are playing terrible, the new general manager, George Paton, is not on the hot seat. Being brand new, he can take his time and see the preseason plan through.

Do you think it was the right move to play an injured Teddy Bridgewater instead of a healthy Drew Lock?

Rich Kurtzman: Yes, although it’s changed slightly since Teddy said he was only 70-75%. Bridgewater won the job and has been the best QB on the team and seems like the best to continue in the role.

Lindsay Bebout: NO. NO. NO. Playing injured is only going to make him more injured. Horrible coaching decision.

Nicholas Manning: Knowing now how hurt Bridgewater was on top of his truly poor performance against the Raiders a week before he should not have played. However, I do not fault a coach for asking his guy if he’s good and taking his word for it. With the QB and head coach’s career tied to their success this season, it seems that they are going to rise or fall together.

Joey Richards: From Vic Fangio’s point of view, I get it. He needs to start winning or he’s fired. If he thought Bridgewater gave him the best shot of winning that game, it makes sense to me. This is especially true being that the team doctors cleared him to play.

JT Matthews: Absolutely not. A healthy Teddy Bridgewater lost the previous three games, so to think any other outcome would be possible was incredibly short-sighted. Drew Lock should have started against the Browns.

Zach Segars: It’s very difficult to say, as it seems bad considering the coaching staff has said they view the two quarterbacks similarly. However, coaches frequently lie to the press, and inside Broncos HQ they might believe 70 percent of Bridgewater is better than 100 percent of Lock. We’ll find out if that evaluation is accurate soon

Who needs to step up for the Broncos to get a win against the Washington Football Team?

Joey Richards: The entire defense. It’s staggering how bad they’ve been. Obviously the sheer mass of injuries at linebacker is extremely tough to overcome but there are multiple players not playing up to standard on that side of the ball. For a team that was supposed to win because of their defense, they’ve been disappointing to say the least.

JT Matthews: Honestly, it’s hard to say at this point due to several inconsistencies but Teddy Bridgewater seems to be the best answer. Teddy is yet to have a standout moment in a Broncos uniform or simply beat a team of similar or higher quality. So far the offense under his leadership has scored 15 touchdowns in 7 games. That’s the same amount as Miami and Atlanta, two teams who are competing just to stay relevant.

Lindsay Bebout: Justin Simmons and Kareem Jackson. The Broncos need some turnovers and they need to stop those deep ball touchdowns.

Nicholas Manning: Bridgewater needs to have his best game as a Bronco. First, the WFT defense is terrible and he also gets his favorite target back in Jerry Jeudy. Additionally, he needs to quiet the doubters. The calls for Lock will continue to grow as the season slips away from the team. Defensively, the entire unit. Their performance over the past four weeks has been terrible and it’s time for that group to reassert themselves and play to their potential.

Zach Segars: Teddy Bridgewater and Justin Simmons. As the quarterback, Bridgewater just has to play better, but that could also set a necessary tone for the offense. The defense needs to be galvanized somehow and Simmons is supposed to be the leader of that unit.

Rich Kurtzman: I’d like to see Von Miller step up his game and get not only consistent pressure but a sack or two.

If the Broncos win against the WFT, can they make a run back into contention?
Nicholas Manning: With a win, this team has a chance to have a winning record when the season is all said and done. However, with losses to the Steelers, Ravens, Browns, and Raiders, the Broncos almost certainly lose all tiebreakers. Therefore, the hope for a playoff birth is almost certainly a pipe dream.

Joey Richards: After this losing streak, it is tough to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I can’t imagine a world where the defense becomes dominant after the last four performances and I think they need that to be in the playoff hunt.

JT Matthews: The magic 8-ball says “don’t count on it”. Washington is not exactly a win that a good team hangs their hat on. Divisional match-ups are looming just down the way and nothing they have put forth on either side of the ball gives me confidence that they will trend up at this point.

Rich Kurtzman: Of course! Football is a game of momentum and this would end their momentum going the wrong way and hopefully start it going the right way again.

Lindsay Bebout: Absolutely not.

Zach Segars: Nope, they don’t want to play for their coaches. This car has lost its engine. If it lurches forward even a little bit, we should view it as a miracle, not as a sign we’ve invented the motorless car.
What is your final score prediction this week and why?

Joey Richards: 20-24 Washington Football Team. After how the Broncos have performed the last four games, I just don’t think the Broncos are a very good football team. Hopefully I’m proven wrong but with how the defense has been, I think Taylor Heinicke will do just enough to pull off a road win on Halloween.

JT Matthews: My final prediction is 26-17 in favor of the Washington Football Team. This offensive line may have big trouble with Chase Young and Montez Sweat gunning for Bridgewater’s head. Additionally, Denver has been unable to stop the run with effectiveness. The duo of Antonio Gibson and JD McKissic are dynamic and will cause the Broncos issues all game long.

Zach Segars: 27-23 Washington Football Team. Washington is a bad football team, but they want it more and will manage to pull out the win. Heinicke isn’t great, but he’s been sneaky-explosive this year, and Denver’s D has given up a lot of big plays as of late.

Rich Kurtzman: Broncos win 30-24. Washington’s defense is awful and the Broncos need a win desperately

Lindsay Bebout: 20-16 Broncos. I do think the Broncos pull it out with Jeudy back, but it’ll definitely be a close one.
Nicholas Manning: Going back and forth, I believe the Broncos should play their best ball in weeks. With ten days to rest and prepare coupled with the weight of losing this team will play inspired. A back and forth game will see the Broncos stop their skid and get back to .500 with a 23-20 win.