There’s a lot of anticipation surrounding the Denver Nuggets’ 2016-17 season, which kicks off tonight against the New Orleans Pelicans, but what should we expect from this young, up-and-coming team?

Are they ready to take the next step? Do the pieces fit? Who are they?

We’ll learn in due time, but for now, let’s settle for some predictions from our Nuggets staff here at Mile High Sports. Let us know what you think in the comments!


Aniello Piro: 40-42

Duvalier Johnson: 39-43

Sean Walsh: 43-39

Michael Jaycox: 42-40


Aniello Piro: Danilo Gallinari

Duvalier Johnson: Danilo Gallinari

Sean Walsh: Emmanuel Mudiay

Michael Jaycox: Danilo Gallinari


Aniello Piro: Malik Beasley

Duvalier Johnson: Darrell Arthur

Sean Walsh: None

Michael Jaycox: Kenneth Faried

Biggest Surprise

Aniello Piro: It’s been floated out there for years, but I think this is finally the year Kenneth Fared relinquishes his starting role and finds a new home coming off the bench. I think Faried’s style of play is best suited for a bench role and will be something that will help both his personal game and the Nuggets organization moving forward. 

Duvalier Johnson: The storyline that Jamal Murray should start at some point during the season will grow louder each week.

Sean Walsh: Denver’s bench will return to form as one of the best units in the NBA.

Michael Jaycox: Emmanuel Mudiay’s breakout season. The numbers were bad last year, but the eye test, particularly during the second half of the season, gives hope. Another year of experience and development will do wonders for Mudiay.

Do They Make A Trade?

Aniello Piro: For me, it’s too early to tell, but I certainly believe they’ll be active in trade talks. The Nuggets have so many assets that it’s hard to believe they don’t do something with them. Some potential big guys to keep an eye on are Paul Millsap, Paul George and Boogie Cousins. 

Duvalier Johnson: I believe so. I think they’ll get rid of Jameer Nelson, Will Barton and Faried somehow for a big name player.

Sean Walsh: It depends on what happens with Atlanta. If the Hawks struggle, Denver will go after Paul Millsap.

Michael Jaycox: Where there’s smoke there’s flame, and it’s clear the Denver Nuggets have shown interest in Paul Millsap. If things go south in Atlanta, don’t be surprised if he’s in the baby blue by the trade deadline.

Bold Prediction

Aniello Piro: I think the Nuggets have enough talent to make a run for the seventh or eighth seed in a weakened Western Conference. The young upside mixed with the solid veteran play make for a solid unit in the coming season. I think they are neck and neck in terms of skill with the Minnesota Timberwolves, Utah Jazz and Sacramento Kings, all teams that will be striving for those last spots. 

Duvalier Johnson: Jusuf Nurkic will outplay Nikola Jokic a majority of the season and be one of the best players on the Nuggets team. 

Sean Walsh: Jamal Murray will lead all rookies in scoring.

Michael Jaycox: Gallinari plays 75 or more games. I believe his injuries have been more a result of bad luck than being “injury prone.” This will be the Gallo year we’ve all been waiting for.