In nearly 13 years of publishing, Mile High Sports Magazine has now produced more than 150 unique covers. Thanks to your votes, we’ve narrowed it down to your top ten favorites.

From June 15-21 you’ll help decide which 5 issues make it into the finals.

Our next pair of finalists is December 2011 vs. November 2012. More accurately, it’s Jenna vs. Kenneth Faried.

Fun facts about these covers: An unnamed Mile High Sports Radio host took Jenna’s “I Heart Tebow” issue into the Broncos press box to hand out and got reprimanded. The Faried cover was turned into masks that were distributed at Pepsi Center on opening night for the Nuggets’ record-setting 2012-13 season.

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Tulo vs. Big Al

The Franchise vs. Mr. Big Shot

I Heart Tebow vs. Manimal

Lauren’s Snow Angels vs. Elway

Plan B. vs. Super Joe

*Vote for the top ten June 15-21