With Chris Fleming accepting a job with the Brooklyn Nets a couple weeks back it left a vacancy at the assistant coach position within Michael Malone’s coaching staff. Wednesday the Denver Nuggets promoted Micah Nori into the role that Fleming left vacant.

Micah Nori has spent 17 years in the Association. Most of those seasons with the Toronto Raptors as a scout. He spent 11 years scouting was then promoted to an assistant coach with the Raptors and continued to lead the scouting department for four years.

Once Malone had become the head coach of the Sacramento Kings he brought Nori onto his staff with him as an assistant. They must have enjoyed working together because once Malone had been hired by the Nuggets he was one of the first names released that would be joining his staff in Denver.

Micah Nori most recently coached the Nuggets 2016 NBA Summer League team. He seems to have developed fantastic relationships with the Nuggets and has to be given his own respect when it comes to turning around a fractured and dysfunctional franchise that the Nuggets were two seasons prior. Congratulations to Micah Nori on his promotion within the Nuggets.