This is a thing now. Betting in Denver, Colo. is here to stay.

You already know that Denver is a great sports town, but just watch and see – it’s about to become a great betting town, too. We’re already watching, but now we can play. And because that’s the case, the on-air talent at Mile High Sports 104.7 FM | 1340 AM will be talking not only sports, but how they bet on them.

As such, we chose eight bets that will be fun for local fans to monitor and solicited the opinions of our guys. So, see what they’ve got to say and keep mental tabs on which talking head sounds most reasonable and reliable. And lay those bets down.

Featuring: Sean Walsh, weeknights 6-7p; Joe Rico, Sunday 10a-12n; Doug Ottewill, utility host when the first 17 choices aren’t available; Ronnie Kohrt, 3-4p


Jerry Jeudy
Over/Under 850.5 Receiving Yards
Walsh: Under. Rookie WRs tend to not produce that well right out of the gate. Jeudy will have a hell of a career though.

Rico: Over. Jeudy has my vote for NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year. I think he will top 1,000 yards this year.

Ottewill: Under. Ask yourself this: Is the combination of Jeudy and Drew Lock better than Courtland Sutton and Case Keenum? And if Lock is better than Keenum, is Sutton going anywhere? Sutton had 704 yards as a rookie. Also, worth noting: Only three rookie receivers crossed the 900-yard threshold last season.

Kohrt: Over. But just barely.

Drew Lock
Over/Under 21.5 Passing Touchdowns
Walsh: Over. Easy to reach that number if Locke stays healthy.

Rico: Over. Too many weapons for Lock not to throw 22 TDs or more this year.

Ottewill: Over. If you think Lock will be amount the NFL’s “top half” of quarterbacks, then this number is fairly attainable.

Kohrt: Hammer the over with a sledgehammer for me.

Broncos vs Titans
Week 1, Broncos -1.5
Walsh: I’ll lay the points. I see Denver winning by three on a late field goal.

Rico: Denver. If there is ever such a thing as a must win in Week 1, this is it.

Ottewill: Broncos. Feels like a coming out party for the new look Broncos.

Kohrt: Broncos by 9.

+800 (8/1) to win Stanley Cup
Walsh: Bad odds. I would put Colorado at least 20/1 to win the cup. No way the Avs win it this year.

Rico: Bet the Avs to win the Cup! This team has everything you need to win it, the goaltending is the biggest question mark.

Ottewill: There are two ways to look at this bet. First, why not? It’s your team, they’re healthy, and why not turn a buck into eight along the way. Or, consider that it’s hockey, the most unpredictable game in the land, and all that really matters is whose goalie gets hot… save the buck.

Kohrt: Take. The. Bet.

Drew Lock
Over/Under 3450.5 Passing Yards in 2020 season
Walsh: Over, Lock should approach 4,000 yards with those weapons if he stays healthy.

Rico: Over. For all the same reasons Lock will surpass the 21.5 TD mark.

Ottewill: Over. Last season, only eight quarterbacks with 13 or more starts failed to this number. So really, this primarily comes down to health. Lock seems to have solid pocket presence and an arsenal of weapons.

Kohrt: Over. (See passing TDs).

Which will be higher: Chiefs wins or Courtland Sutton/Jerry Jeudy combined receiving touchdowns?
Walsh: KC should finish with 12 or 13 wins. Sutton and Jeudy will combine for more TDs than that.

Rico: Sutton/Jeudy. I see 10 TDs for Sutton and eight for Jeudy – and I don’t think the Chiefs will go 19-0.

Ottewill: Chiefs. But barely. There will be a lot of hands out looking for touches once the Broncos offense gets in the red zone. There will be plenty of TD passes, but there are too many hands to keep happy for two guys to dominate the stat sheet. And who’s beating the Chiefs anyway?

Kohrt: Chief wins.

Who will have more rushing attempts, regular season: Phillip Lindsay or Melvin Gordon?
Walsh: Lindsey will have more rushing attempts because Gordon will a big focus in the passing game.

Rico: Gordon. I think this number will be very close, but I give Gordon a slight nod, by say 5-10 attempts.

Ottewill: Gordon. When in doubt, follow the money.

Kohrt: Melvin Gordon, but not by much. Whoever stays the healthiest should win this tight race.

Will the Raiders finish with the worst record in the NFL (17/1)?
Walsh: No. The Raiders will be around 6-10 to 8-8. The Jaguars will have the worst record this year.

Rico: As much as I would love to see the Raiders sink to the bottom of the NFL, I think they are going to be decent this year. I have Vegas between 6-8 wins this year. Jacksonville is going to be the worst team in the NFL in 2020.

Ottewill: Sure thing. That’s value, value, value. Good chance to insure this bet by week 13, too.

Kohrt: No. I like Las Vegas to actually be an up-and-coming team this year.