Ask any Denver Broncos fan: what’s the most painful moment in fandom they’ve ever experienced?

Some may respond with the Super Bowl 48 blowout at the hands of the Seahawks, or even the famed Jacksonville playoff loss in ’96. But one of those plays — one of those horrifying moments as a Broncos fan — happened five years ago.

The ‘Mile High Miracle,’ consisting of a 70-yard bomb from Joe Flacco, that landed gently into the hands of Jacoby Jones, right over the outstretched hand of Rahim Moore.

“How does that happen in the Denver secondary?” Greg Gumbel’s call echoed the thoughts of Broncos fans from coast to coast.

The likely response of 75,000-plus in attendance was probably unprintable as they experienced not only one of the coldest games in Broncos history, but one with one of the worst endings imaginable.

If you dare, here’s a look back at that famed ‘Hail Mary’, the ‘Flacco Fling’ that kept Baltimore alive and brought more — rather, Moore — pain to Denver.