Case Keenum is engineering come back victories on the field and now pouring his thoughts into his new book off the field as “Playing for More: Trust Beyond What You Can See” hits bookstore shelves.

Keenum co-authored the book with Andrew Perloff, who is a writer at Sports Illustrated and is featured on the Dan Patrick Show as a producer. Perloff joined Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro of Mile High Sports AM 1340 | FM 104.7 to discuss the book now on sale.

“Case’s original idea was to write a book about his father and the advice his father had given him,” Perloff said. “His father is a DIII football coach in Texas. One of those guys who just has a million little nuggets of wisdom, Steve Keenum. He wanted to write a book about what it’s like to grow up as a coach’s son. We had that idea and we had talked about it someday like 10 years from now.”

“Then he had the Minneapolis Miracle and the book agents came after him, and they said, ‘you know what, people don’t really know you, why don’t you tell them a little about your story?’ And then we sat down and wrote the book.”

Keenum has demonstrated on the field that he can be a winner, starting 2-0 on the season for the Broncos in back-to-back come-from-behind victories. But off the field Perloff says, you won’t find a better guy to be the quarterback in Keenum.

“You’re not going to get a better guy to be your quarterback. The guys human in every situation, that is the same sort of kind of laid back, down-to-earth person,” Perloff said of Keenum.

Perloff also gave fans a glimpse of what Keenum’s offseason looked like, which resembled much of an every day guys night. Finish work, come home and watch re-runs of The Office.

“Case doesn’t really go out or have much of a social life, all he likes to do at night is go home and watch The Office. So basically it was write the book and watch The Office was his offseason…He also works really hard, he has a quarterback coach and all offseason he was really, really working, sort of doing like kind-of Tom Brady offseason stuff. I don’t know if that’ll make fans more confident, but he’s the real deal.”

Perloff continues saying that there’s no bigger underdog than Keenum and it’s portrayed in the book, along with his spiritual side.

“There’s two angles. If you want a football story, there’s no bigger underdog than Case Keenum, he’s sort of the ultimate NFL underdog: undrafted, unrecruited, knocked around.”

“If you’re interested in the spiritual side, Case after the Minneapolis Miracle got a lot of attention. Chris Myers, the sideline reporter asked ‘Is this the greatest moment of your life?’ And he immediately said ‘No, this is third behind marrying my wife and accepting Jesus Christ in my life.'”

“Case speaks to churches all the time, Christianity is a huge part of who he is. So if that part interests you, it’s a 50/50 split of a spiritual book and a football book, so it’s got a little for everybody.”

To purchase “Playing for More: Trust Behind What You Can Can See” click the link here to view on Amazon.

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