The Rockies were very proud of their brand new right field fence extension this offseason – the one they said was going to save Rockies pitchers from giving up those pesky Coors Field home runs that have just cleared the fence. Perhaps they forgot it could have the same consequence for Rockies hitters.

The first victim was none other than rookie sensation Trevor Story, who had what would have been his eighth home run in eight games snatched away by the new fence.

In the fourth inning, Story hit a towering shot to right-center field, only to have it bounce off the top of the wall padding, hit the new fence and bounce back into play. The rookie, who still leads MLB with seven home runs, ended up on third for his first career triple.

Adding insult to injury in the sixth, Story went back to nearly the same part of the park and had his second potential home run of the night denied. He again wound up on third base with a triple.

Even a football player knew Story was getting jobbed on the night.