clearly has no idea what team Brandon Marshall plays for

Listen, I get it. Having two guys in the NFL whose name is Brandon Marshall is confusing, especially when they’ve both spent a significant amount of time on the Denver Broncos.

Still, if you’d expect anybody to get it right, it be, right?

what team Brandon Marshall plays for’s profile for New York Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall

Nope. Apparently, they have no idea what team Brandon Marshall plays for, either.

As any good football fan should be able to tell you, that is clearly the Denver Broncos ILB Brandon Marshall’s headshot — the orange jersey should have been a giveaway — on New York Jets WR Brandon Marshall’s profile page.

But, hey, this may actually be good news for the Broncos’ B-Marsh; normally, it’s him who constantly gets mistaken for the Pro-Bowl wideout.