As if hiring a new head coach and staff, coming off of a season where you missed the playoffs and having uncertainty at the quarterback position wasn’t enough, the NFL isn’t doing the Denver Broncos any favors when it comes to scheduling. The Broncos have the toughest schedule next season.

The Broncos’ opponents had a winning percentage of .578 last season. The will face both the NFC and AFC East, in addition to their own division.

The AFC West was arguably the best division in football last season. The Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Chargers and Oakland Raiders have the second, third and fourth toughest schedules, respectively. All of these teams, along with the Broncos, will face each other twice.

The toughest part of the Broncos schedule this season is going head-to-head with the NFC East, who could also make an argument as the best division in football last year. They will play the up-and-coming Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants at home, and will take on the Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles on the road.

The Broncos will also face Tom Brady and the reigning Super Bowl champion New England Patriots at home, which always proves to be a tough matchup.

Home: Kansas City Chiefs, Oakland Raiders, Los Angeles Chargers, New England Patriots, New York Jets, Cincinnati Bengals, Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants
Away: Kansas City Chiefs, Oakland Raiders, Los Angeles Chargers, Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, Indianapolis Colts, Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins