Denver Broncos general manager John Elway‘s number one priority was to upgrade the offensive line. The team wants to play with swagger. Signing Ronald Leary was a big first step in that process.

“We’re absolutely thrilled that we got Ronald here,” Elway said at an introductory press conference on Friday. “He’s the type of player that we’re looking for…physical and tough and plays with the demeanor that makes us tough on the offensive line; and that’s was one of our goals.”

Though he has only been a member of the Broncos since Thursday, Leary has already had some time to get acclimated to his new home. A lot of that has had to do with Elway.

“John, he made me feel great, made me feel a part of the organization as soon as I walked in,” Leary said.

Not only has he met with the front office and the staff, but Leary has met with some of his new teammates as well. In fact, the former Cowboys left guard was talking to Matt Paradis and Max Garcia just prior to meeting the media.

“Me and Garcia weren’t talking about playing left or right, we were just talking about playing ball,” Leary said. “Lining up next to each other…being real physical up front.

“I think it’s just that all guys have got to get on the same page. Once everybody has made up their mind that we’re going to be bullies on the field, then that makes it a lot easier. If everybody thinks like that, has that mentality, then we feed off each other.”

That desire to impose his will is part of what drives Leary. In fact, it is why he prefers run blocking to defending the pass, though he excels at both.

“I definitely take more enjoyment blocking for a run.,” he said. “I feel like run blocking is all about attitude. It’s who is going to come off harder, who is going to hit him first in the mouth.”

After the press conference, the team signed Menelik Watson, an offensive tackle from the Oakland Raiders. Like Leary, he is known to play with a little bit of edge. Swagger, if you will.

“The key is to be able to mesh on the offensive line,” Watson said (via The Denver Channel). “If they are getting into something, I am getting into something. If they are throwing a punch, I am throwing a punch.”