All-Star Game voters might not be taking notice – at least not enough to grant him a starting bid – but the powers that be at Major League Baseball know that Nolan Arenado is having a stellar season. On Monday Arenado was awarded the National League Player of the Week after an outstanding offensive display.

As the stats bear out, Arenado’s 10 runs, seven home runs 14 RBI and 1.348 slugging percentage were the best in all baseball over the past week.

New voting standings for the All-Star game are due out on Tuesday, but Arenado has tremendous ground to make up if he hopes to land a starting bid from the voters.

Shortly after the POW honor was bestowed upon him, Arenado got some bad news from MLB Communications. He fell even further behind St. Louis’ Matt Carpenter for All-Star voting.

A week ago Arenado trailed Carpenter by 3.124 million votes. That number has grown to 3.288 million since that time. In his last seven games Carpenter hit .115 with eight strikeouts in 26 at-bats.