Not only are they losing, but the Colorado Avalanche are lost

Avalanche can't start to panic now

“A 2-5-1 record record, four straight losses and a team grasping for answers.”

“Alex, what is the Colorado Avalanche?”

Correct! Right now, the Avalanche are lost. Whatever they do, whatever they try, it’s just not clicking. When they get shots on net, they don’t go in. When they go in, they can’t defend. When they can defend, they can’t get shots on net.

It seems as if the Avalanche can never do two things right at once.

And the truth is that we’ve seen an explosive offense, some suffocating defense and elite goaltending, but it’s completely sporadic. Maybe it’ll all come together for a game, like we saw in Anaheim, but that’s not good enough.

It’s frustrating to watch as a fan, and it’s just as frustrating for Patrick Roy.

“Let’s put our game together,” Roy said following the loss to the Panthers. “I mean, be solid one night with the power play, the penalty killing, the five on five, and see where we are. It’s kind of funny. When we play well defensively, we struggle scoring goals. When we score goals, we’re struggling defensively. I just feel we can’t put everything together on the same night.”

Right now, the question becomes: Are the Avs incapable of putting it all together or are they just working out the kinks? Honestly, I’m not sure what the answer is, and it doesn’t seem like Roy is positive, either.

Check out his full postgame press conference right here, courtesy of Altitude Radio Network.

Unfortunately, they’ve just started a stretch of 18 of 24 games on the road, which isn’t exactly the perfect remedy for a reeling team. Nonetheless, they’ll get their chance to get back on track Thursday night against the Tampa Bay Lightning.