After missing the playoffs for the first time since 2010, the Denver Broncos have made some changes this offseason. More might be on the way when it comes to reshaping their roster.

In regards to the roster, much speculation has centered around the quarterback position. Sure, Denver needs some changes on the field; however, quarterback is not a position John Elway should add to, be it via free agency or trade.

There has already been much talk about the Broncos adding a big-named veteran quarterback. The names have included Tony Romo, Philip Rivers, Drew Brees and Tyrod Taylor. There are reasons why each doesn’t make sense as quarterback in Denver.

Most of the talk has centered around Romo, mainly because Denver is reportedly his top choice if he cannot start for the Dallas Cowboys. That being said, Romo would not work for the Broncos for many reasons.

First of all, the Broncos would have to give up too much in terms of draft picks and compensation in order to acquire the 37-year-old. Even if the Cowboys release him, Romo has also proved to be very injury-prone over the last two seasons. It is hard to believe that Romo would be able to survive behind a new offensive line in Denver, when he couldn’t even stay healthy behind arguably the best offensive line in football in Dallas.

A man that can survive behind a subpar offensive line is Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers. A model of durability, he hasn’t missed a game since 2005.

Of all the names being thrown around, Rivers might make the most sense. He has spent the last last few seasons under current Broncos’ offensive coordinator Mike McCoy. Despite his lack of postseason success, the 35-year-old has worked himself into the Hall of Fame conversation. This could be the closest thing to Peyton Manning 2.0 for the Broncos.

That being said, Rivers has been vilified in Denver. Regardless if he wants to make the move to Los Angeles or not, it’s unknown whether he’d be willing to waive his no-trade clause to join the Broncos. Even if he was, it’s less than likely that the Chargers would trade Rivers to a division rival, especially since they think they can win right away.

Perhaps if the Broncos cannot land Rivers, they could go after the man that preceded him in San Diego. Perhaps not.

Drew Brees doesn’t make much sense either for the Broncos. Has built a nice legacy in New Orleans, and it is difficult seeing a scenario in which he leaves the Saints. It’s no secret that Brees does not play his best football outside of the Superdome. It is difficult to predict how he would perform when the weather really turns in Denver. At 38, he can still air it out, but is simply not worth the risk for the Broncos to bring in at this stage of his career.

All of the aforementioned quarterbacks are on the wrong side of 35. There is one name being mentioned in all of the chatter however, for whom the battle with Father Time isn’t quite so intense or immediate.

Tyrod Taylor would be an interesting addition for the Broncos. He can a dual-threat who is still only 27.

That being said, it is difficult imagining him leaving the Buffalo Bills. Yes, the Bills are under a new regime with a different coaching staff. Also worth mentioning is the way his contract is structured; the Bills can release him with virtually no financial ramifications. But, the fact of the matter is Buffalo doesn’t have any other realistic options at quarterback. Unless the Bills are extremely interested in either Trevor Siemian or Paxton Lynch, do not expect them to get rid of Taylor, especially with EJ Manuel waiting as the next best option.

Even if the Bills did rid themselves of Taylor, his passer rating of 89.7 leaves something to be desired. Bringing him in is an interesting thought, but far from a sure thing.

Instead of searching outside the organization for help, what the Broncos need to do is let McCoy and Bill Musgrave try and develop both Siemian and Lynch. This will be a season of change for the Broncos, and the team needs to truly see what they have in the two young quarterbacks. McCoy has a track record of success installing systems tailored to fit different quarterbacks.

The truth is, Denver is many pieces away from being a contender again. Elway needs to reconfigure virtually an entire offensive line. On top of that, the Broncos have real needs on the defensive line, special teams and at tight end. Filling those holes will be difficult already; it may be near impossible to accomplish if they have to pay a quarterback the kind of money the names above would command. Instead, it is time to finally truly develop a quarterback, even if it means missing the playoffs for a second consecutive season.