If Homer was still alive, he would likely write an epic about Mo Williams.

It looks like the veteran point guard is headed to the Denver Nuggets for the second time this season, though he will likely never step foot in the Mile High City. According to ESPN, the Nuggets claimed Williams on Monday, after he was placed on waivers by the Philadelphia 76ers.

The 76ers claimed Williams last week, after he was waived by the Nuggets. The Nuggets had acquired him in a trade with the Atlanta Hawks, who had acquired him in an earlier trade with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Despite being on four different NBA rosters, Williams has yet to suit up this season. Williams, who is recovering from an injured knee, contemplated retirement over the summer, but never followed through.

The Nuggets are expected to waive Williams yet again, with the intention of releasing him. Should he go unclaimed, Denver would be able to apply his entire $2.2 million salary to their payroll, which would move them closer to the salary cap floor. The release of Williams would open up a roster spot, which would allow them to sign Johnny O’Bryant to a 10-day contract.