Denver Nuggets Summer League Awards

With the Summer League tournament upcoming and the Nuggets’ squad finishing with the fourth seed, the team has looked fantastic with each player individually having their own respective moments. It feels like a good time to give out some pre-tournament awards for the individual performances displayed in Las Vegas.

The awards will be given out for Most Improved Player, Most Underrated Player, Offensive MVP, Defensive MVP, and the overall Most Impressive Player so far.

There will be one more award that will also be given out here at Mile High Sports, and it’s much less analytical then the rest: Most Fun Team to Watch.

With some of these players only having potentially one game remaining in their career, it seems fitting to give an overall Most Fun to Watch award to the Nuggets as a whole, even if it is before the tournament starts.

This team has rallied around each other continuously, led by the bench mob of Emmanuel MudiayGary Harris and injured Malik Beasley, who have been cheering on the Nuggets Summer League roster even while they’ve taken up post on the bench. The energy, passion and pure excitement portrayed by this young squad, who had never played together prior to Summer League mini-camp, is just a beauty to watch and has created some of the more exciting games I have had the pleasure of viewing throughout my time in Las Vegas.

Now on to the awards: