Denver Nuggets Summer League Awards

Most Underrated Player: Josh Adams

Josh Adams had himself a very successful stint with the Nuggets Summer League roster. While his stats don’t jump off of the page, he’s played controlled and intelligent basketball from the point guard position. His ability to play with tempo, weather fast-paced or slowed-down half-court basketball, was direly needed while Jamal Murray struggled from the point guard position.

As a virtual unknown on the Summer League landscape, Adams has not flinched. He took it right at whomever was in front of him with a complete lack of fear or acknowledgment of the stage he was performing on. While he may not be large in stature, he makes up for his physical shortcomings with an intensity and scrappy play that very few guards were prepared to contend with. His on-ball defense was solid, and he showed a nice jump shot while scoring seven straight points against the Grizzlies. Every time Josh Adams penetrated and went at the rim, he was under control but managed to launch himself with reckless abandon at the same time.

Adams’ ability to control the game from the point guard position, score from most spots on the floor, express his extreme athleticism and still defend at a high intensity is a skill set that has become highly desirable in the NBA. Look for someone to potentially sign Josh Adams after his impressive Summer League.