The Denver Nuggets don’t play a meaningful game until October 28 when they go visit their old buddy Ty Lawson down in Houston.

But that doesn’t mean preparations haven’t already begun for the 2015-16 campaign.

Even if that includes behind the scenes stuff getting accomplished, it’s all things that need to be taken care of at some point.

The Nuggets did a lot of that earlier this week, on the same day we hung out with Emmanuel Mudiay for an exclusive feature in the November issue of Mile High Sports Magazine.

Here are some of the highlights from some of the younger guys getting ready for the year.

With all due respect to Erick Green, you’re looking at a couple of future All Stars in that third photo down.

Mudaiy and Jusuf Nurkic are a good enough reason for me to get excited about the Nuggets for the first time in a couple of years.

Will it result in a championship this year? No. A playoff berth? Still tough. A .500 season? That should be the goal.

It all gets going in about seven weeks.