Tottenham Hotspur and the MLS All-Stars both trained on Tuesday at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park in front of fans and media. Tottenham were first on the DSG field, followed by the MLS-All Stars.

Several players met with the large gathering of media, and offered up their take on the MLS-All Star Game, the English Premier League, and their overall expectations for their teams.

Below are some comments from Christian Eriksen, Drew Moor, and DeAndre Yedlin shared:

How have you been enjoying  the MLS-All Star festivities?

Christian Eriksen: Yeah, so far of course we just flew over for one game we haven’t seen that much and of course with the jetlag and now with training, there isn’t the time or the energy to do anything outside, so we haven’t seen that much yet.

Thoughts on the first game of the EPL season against Manchester United?

Eriksen: No, of course it’s hopefully going to be really exciting and a nice game. Of course it’s not always for me, Manchester United in the first game of the season.

What do you think it will take for you guys to break into the top four?

Eriksen: Ya of course, we ended close and we’ve been close through the season, but off course we know that’s a step up. We did well against the bigger teams last season. Hopefully we will continue that, but also against the teams when we don’t have a good day. Hopefully, we’ll be able to stabilize that and get some points in those games as well because it’s really important at the end.

How does this help you in your preparation for the season?

Eriksen: Of course I think with the altitude we’re in, I think it’s good for our lungs of course first of all. Of course it’s a really nice game to play, some big players who have played in all the big leagues, so off course it will be a tough test.

How has DeAndre adjusted to the group?

Eriksen: Ya, really good. He’s a really good lad, really nice guy to be around. Fortunately he’s still young and he can still develop. Of course he’s doing really well, taking small steps. Of course now he’s been with the national team the last few weeks, while we’ve been in training, so off course he’s missed a bit but he will as he is probably catch up for the game.

What do you think about the adjustments Pochettino has made, you guys seem to play a little different?

Eriksen: True of course, first of all we run a bit more. Of course we need to be fitter and we need to play our game. Of course we do a lot of pressing game and of course that bit helps that were scoring goals. Of course that makes you vulnerable sometimes in the back but I think overall he’s helped a lot because he gave everyone the confidence who’s playing and everybody else knows what to do, so I think it helped the team.

What do you think about the MLS and how it’s bringing over these big name players like Lampard, Gerrard, Drogba?

Eriksen: Yeah of course, it goes up and up. I think if you keep getting the players like the names you mentioned it’s going to be a really big league with really big names. Off course it’s not everyone who goes over here, but off course the guys who get the chance they go for it.

What’s the impression on the other side of the pond about MLS in general?

Eriksen: It’s difficult to see on the TV with the time difference, but of course like you said with all the big names moving over here, you read more about it and it gets more and more public. Of course I think a few years back you didn’t probably have as many players who were recognized in Europe. So I think  it’s going in the right direction also for the U.S., I think it’s a big deal.


How are you feeling about having the MLS-All Star Game in Colorado, must be really special?

Drew Moor: Awesome, awesome, you know coming here six years ago I would never have guessed I would be a part of this, and to have such a great event in my hometown in front of my home fans. My dad’s here today, my wife’s obviously here, I’ll have a bunch of family here tomorrow. It’s a great feeling and were looking forward to getting on the field here finally.

Playing Tottenham, a tough side, what do you expect for them on Wednesday?

Moor: I expect them to come out and want to win the game. They play in Manchester against United in ten days you know so this probably a bit of a dry run for them. If you’ve watch them play you know they like to get after it and they like to press high and so I don’t think this going to be an All-Star game for us. I think this is going to a competitive match and were looking forward to it.

Your expectations for the second half of the Rapids season?

Moor: Yeah, you know I think it was a tough start to the season obviously. We’ve won our last three, which we haven’t done in a couple of years so, we got a lot of confidence right now a lot of momentum and we want to look to build of that. We didn’t want our last weekend to be off, but this scheduling is the way it is, but we got Galaxy Saturday night so another opportunity to keep this form going.


You know a lot of the guys on the MLS-All Star team, it’s a pretty star-studded team. How are you guys approaching the game tomorrow?

DeAndre Yedlin: Just like we would approach any other game. I mean we obviously know the talent that they have, we know there’s guy that can hurt us. We just got to be cautious of those guys and come out to win.

Clint [Dempsey] said yesterday the he was going to help Mastroeni with pointers on Tottenham, are you going to do the same with Pochettino?

Yedlin: Of course, of course. You know, I mean a the end of the day you always want to win the game so anything that helps.

What have you talked to Clint [Dempsey] about, any bet for the game tomorrow?

Yedlin: No, nothing like that. I saw him yesterday and we all met up and you know just poking fun at each other, that’s really it.

Your plans with Tottenham this season?

Yedlin: Not sure about the plan ahead for next season, still waiting on that, but right now just focused on this game and the rest of preseason.


Also, a special note to rising Tottenham Hotspur star player Harry Kane who celebrated his 22nd birthday today.