Kyle Parker is making the most of his recent Major League call-up by the Colorado Rockies. Heading into Wednesday’s game against the Seattle Mariners, Parker had back-to-back games with hits, including his first MLB home run on Tuesday. On Wednesday, he showed what he can do defensively. In so doing, he might have given Nolan Arenado some competition for catch of the year.

With one out in the top of the sixth inning, Parker went flying into the stands to make a leaping grab against Seattle’s Ketel Marte. Parker was saved by a fan who caught the leaping left fielder and kept him from what could have been a painful crash into the first row seats.

Arenado, as fans will remember, had his own highlight-reel grab back in April at AT&T Park in San Francisco. The Rockies All-Star third baseman went crashing over the tarp and into the stands, and nearly doubled up the Giants in the process.

Which catch was better? We’ve got the video of Arenado’s catch below so you can decide for yourself.