Monday evening Three Lions Pub in Denver hosted a supporter’s welcome for all Tottenham Hotspur fans.

It was amazing to see all the supporters clubs from across the United States, not to mention fans from Mexico and the United Kingdom.

Talking to several Spurs fans, it was very apparent of the passion that these supporters feel for their club. Many of them relate to Tottenham in a variety of ways and that bond was very apparent.

Despite being from the “Colonies” most U.S.-based Spurs fans proved very knowledgeable, demonstrating how big a club Tottenham Hotspur is on and off the pitch.

Below are some of the conversations shared with Tottenham supporters:

Tim and Marc are both part of Colorado Spurs Supporter Group

How long have you been a Spurs fan?

Marc: 1981

Tim: 2006

Thoughts on Tottenham being selected for the MLS All-Star Game?

Tim: I termed it as joyous shock. We had heard rumors, in fact I saw some guy, some sports reporter on Twitter emailed it out months before the announcement, maybe a month and I forwarded it to everyone. We were all just a little surprised because the Rapids are owned by Arsenal.

Marc: I already knew about it. Working for these guys (Under Armour) I get the insider information. I (couldn’t) say anything unfortunately, so it was hard.

Why do you think Tottenham Hotspur has the most supporters clubs in the U.S.?

Marc: It’s not the top four. It’s more fun to root for something then to have something already handed to you, like the Dallas Cowboys or the Yankees. It’s a working man’s club as well, I think.

Tim: I think it’s the style of play, the potential, and just kind of the swashbuckling style of Tottenham, because your not rooting for a highly defensive team, your rooting for a team that’s always trying to innovate offensively and that’s exciting.

Expectations for Tottenham the upcoming season?

Marc: Champions League (Top four teams receive Champions League). I think we all want Champions League.

Tim: I say top three.  

Expectations for DeAndre Yedlin this season?

Tim: My hope is that he just gets playing time. So if it’s with Tottenham that’s great, if he gets loaned out that is fine with me. There have been a lot of loaned out players for Tottenham that have come back and been amazing.

Marc: Completely agree with Tim.


Jeremy is a Spurs fan from the U.K.

How did you become a Spurs fan?

Jeremy: My father went to Tottenham grammar school and my family has always been Spurs fans, and the first time I went to see Spurs, I was about eight years old and I walked in there and walked out an avid Spurs fan. Walked in there not knowing what to expect and it’s just an amazing atmosphere. When you go to White Hart Lane, there’s nothing else after that, that’s it.

Discuss the recent growth of Tottenham, especially in the United States…

Jeremy: Ya, it’s an amazing  club which is really grassroots level and the fan base is amazing. What’s great is that we are a smaller club with a very big and rich history, but we understand that we play for the fans, it’s all about the glory and the way we play and that’s why the fans are important, we play for them. It’s not just for money, it’s about glory.

Expectations for Harry Kane this season?

Jeremy: He’ll be fine, he’s quality. He scored goals at every level and he’ll continue to score goals.

Expectations for Tottenham this season?

Jeremy: I think were still a couple of weeks early to be able to make a judgment on that. Our defense has tightened up with the new signings, but I think we’ve got to wait and see who comes in to support Kane up top and to bolster the midfield. If we can get one or two more signings in of top quality, then there’s no reason why we can be top fur.


Chris is a Colorado Spurs fan

How long have you been a Spurs fan?

Chris: 2006.

Why are Spurs the team you chose to support?

Chris: Honestly, I was officially drawn to it because of FIFA (video game), surprisingly enough. I liked playing with Spurs and then I started learning a lot about Spurs. They’re a working class team and the organization is phenomenal. It’s just the team for me, because I come from a working class background. They haven’t been real successful compared to the other big money clubs, but it just drew me in because of the blue-collar feel of the team, the organization, how they run the transfer market, their very tactful when it comes to bringing in players. There’s millions and millions of dollars to be spent like these other clubs that are having recent success. You know, we don’t have Russian millionaires, were not backed by any oil sheikh or anything like that. I mean it’s just well-run, it’s a good organization, they’re very friendly to American players, which obviously something that is great. I’m looking forward to watching DeAndre Yedlin and you know I saw Dempsey play for them and even before that Kasey Keller. It’s just a great organization, it’s a great club and I’m happy to be a part of it.

Talk about Tottenham support in the United States…

Chris: I think it’s really expanding. I think that’s great that they have a market for their brand out here because they are a great football club and they really do things the right way whereas some of the other teams, like for instance this is an Arsenal bar and there’s a ton of Arsenal fans here, and I was here at 5:45 in the morning for the Arsenal derby and it was me and a couple of other Spurs fans and an army of Arsenal fans and it was great to see them leave disappointed. So, that’s part of what draws me to it. The club gets out into the community, they make charitable donations. I mean everybody who plays for Tottenham is Tottenham and everywhere they go, Tottenham is what they spread. It’s great to have you guys (Tottenham) in Denver, I’m like overjoyed, I can’t wait for the game. Unfortunately, like I said, I’m a working man so I wont be able to attend any of the event during he day, but it’s great to see all these people from all around the country getting together to support Spurs.

Expectations for Spurs this season?

Chris: Like I said, I’ve been following Spurs for about ten years, and I want the best for them but I’m also a realist, and it’s gonna be difficult to break into that top 4 without more money being spent. However, I really like what Pochettino and Levy have done in this transfer window. I think picking up defenders was good because the defenders were a bit leaky. You know clearing out some of the driftwood, you know some of the players that we were paying high wages to, that aren’t even seeing the pitch. So, I think that I would be happy with a sixth or fifth finish, but absolutely I’m rooting for them to make the Champions League because that’s where the money is but I mean win, lose, or draw, I’m always a Spurs fan.


Ann is a member of the Chicago Spurs

How long have you been a Spurs fan?

Ann: I have been a spurs fan for 22 years now. I started when I was 18. 

What drew you to support Spurs?

Ann: I was living in France and I ended up dating a Brit who was a Spurs fan, and it was ’93-’94, and it was kind of a difficult season for Spurs, difficult. There was some relegation issues going on, and it got very exciting toward the end of the season. As a Chicago Cubs fan, I really related to that idea to a team that you love and you are passion about, though whom may let you down from time to time. 

How do you think the American fans are reacting to the Spurs coming for the MLS All-Star game?

Ann: I think it is super positive. I think it definitely helped the announcement of the stadium plans and the deal they have done with the NFL.  It really has kind of excited the brand here in the United States. We have been seeing huge growth just in the Chicago Spurs in the past couple of years. I think the deal that NBC did that gives us access to all the matches certainly helps that. I think people really see a team that wants to succeed, that is succeeding in the right way, building a team from the ground up, working on the youth system, and kind of engaging with the fans in a meaningful way. 

Tottenham has the most supporters club in the United States?  Do you think it is because of that ‘underdog’ story?

Ann: It is definitely a thing in the US. We really do galvanize around underdog teams.  Also we are interested in the way that things work in the US. To see a team that works really hard from the ground up, makes you feel like you are apart of them, and that is really important. One of the things we like to say in Chicago, ‘We are a family’, we call ourselves the ‘Weekend Family’ in Chicago Spurs. We support each other through the good and the bad and I see that when I come to these kind of events in the US. You can run up to someone who is from Portland whom you have never met before and you can become instant friends because you have this in common. 

Expectations for DeAndre Yedlin?

Ann: Yes definitely. His speed is phenomenal and I do think that he should be brought out a little more. Chicago Spurs was at the match where he debuted for Villa. He came out and it was very exciting. I really like his speed and I really like the way that he plays, he is thoughtful and I really hope he is used more often this season. 

Expectations for Harry Kane?

Anne: I think it is going to be tricky. A lot of teams were taken off guard by him last year, Chelsea during New Years Day match. He is a smart enough player that he can work around that. His ball handling skills are great, but the thing I love about Harry is that he never gives up, he fights all the way to the end. Which is also kind of something that Spurs are known for, not giving up and fighting to the last minute, And I think he does embody all of that. 

Expectations for the season?

Ann:  I will be happy to see a team that comes out and plays hard every single game. As long as they are fighting and fighting hard, that is what I want to see. I would be thrilled to get into the top four, but what I really want out of this team is to see a team that consistently comes out and plays strong, and that is engaged, and is ready mentally and physically for the fight.