Veteran Broncos kicker Brandon McManus joined The Pat McAfee Show on DAZN Wednesday and received a hefty bit of praise from the former Pro Bowl punter and college kicker.

“He’s a man with the biggest leg I’ve ever seen in person,” said McAfee during McManus’ introduction. A claim McAfee doubled-down on by tweeting out, “I’m calling it now #Broncos kicker @thekidmcmanus is going to break the longest field goal record if he doesn’t rip his [expletive] leg apart first” McAfee tweeted.

McAfee might have a point, though. McManus was incredibly frustrated earlier this season, when he lined up for a field goal attempt at 65 yards away. It came with time running out in the first half, only for Vic Fangio to call a timeout and give the last play to Drew Lock instead, ousting McManus’ chance at the elusive record.

The attempt was well within his range too, as he’s drilled field goals from 65 yards, and even further back, countless times in training camp and practice.

McAfee also asked McManus about Broncos’ rookie phenom Drew Lock.

“He’s very energetic, outgoing, almost childish,” McManus said. “He’s young. He’s super young, immature kinda, but on the field, he’s super demanding. He’s got that presence to him. He’s fun, he’s light-hearted, so I think the guys really enjoy being around him. We have a super young team now, obviously. We were in the Super Bowl just 4-5 years ago, and now the roster is turned upside down. It’s really just Von Miller, me and Todd Davis left from the Super Bowl squad. So, I’m super excited for Drew, I think he came along a lot, but like I said, he’s a lot of fun to be around, and he’s goofy, and that’s who he is.”