If you had to pick one quarterback for one game, with all the marbles on the line, there’s a good chance you’re picking Tom Brady before Peyton or Eli Manning — from a national perspective, at least. By most, Brady is considered the greatest quarterback to ever do it, and that’s evidenced by his six Super Bowl appearances and four victories.

But if the question was who would you rather have in a matchup of Brady versus Manning, Eli or Peyton, you’d have to go with the Manning, right?

The Manning’s are Brady’s kryptonite!

If it wasn’t for the Manning family, how many championships would the Brady and the Patriots have? Six? Seven? Eight?

Both of Brady’s Super Bowl losses have come at the hands of Eli, and in each of Brady’s last three AFC Championship matchups versus Peyton, it’s been The Sheriff who’s come out on top. Those are five prime Super Bowl opportunities thwarted by the the Manning family. I can’t imagine Brady feels all too great about that.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft, though, doesn’t seem all too worried.

“I happened to see Archie [Manning] there,” Kraft said on an interview with WCVB-TV on Wednesday, via SI.com. “He has two sons who have won two Super Bowls [each]. But with all due respect, we have one son who has won four.”

Fair point, Kraft. Fair point.

Still, that Manning family’s got it pretty darn good, too.