Throughout the course of NFL history, there are very few Hall of Fame quarterbacks that have changed teams, and yet the Broncos have somehow managed to land three, with the most recent addition happening this offseason.

With so few other players able to relate to the situation Russell Wilson finds himself in, it’s nice that he gets to play for Denver, where he can easily reach out to some of the team’s alumni to hear what their journey was like.

According to a recent story from the Denver Post’s Ryan O’Halloran, Wilson has already reached out to Peyton Manning for help and advice during his transition.

“I’ve talked to Russell a number of times, and we’ve had conversations about some of the things that helped me in my transition to a different team that I think can apply to anybody making the jump, especially after being in a place for a long time,” Manning said via O’Halloran. “(I’ve had) conversations Coach (Nathaniel) Hackett as well about some of those things, maybe some do’s, and don’ts that helped me and can certainly apply and Russell can hit the ground running here in his first year.”

Manning was also quick to praise the new Broncos quarterback for his impressive leadership ability, listing it as the thing that impressed him the most about Wilson.

“Just his leadership and his work ethic — you start there and then you obviously get to the abilities and talents on the field,” Manning said. “His ability to scramble out of the pocket and also make every throw from within the pocket — that’s something that is unique. And then the fact he’s going to work very hard to get his timing down with his receivers.”

If Wilson’s tenure in Denver ends up looking anything like Manning’s did, when all is said and done, Broncos Country will be ecstatic with the results.