Phillip Lindsay on NFL draft process: ‘At one point, I wasn’t going to go to Denver’

Phillip Lindsay. Credit: Jake Roth, USA TODAY Sports.
Phillip Lindsay. Credit: Jake Roth, USA TODAY Sports.

Everyone knows Phillip Lindsay went undrafted, but what you don’t know is how difficult the NFL draft is for a young man fresh out of college.

Lindsay, on Good Morning Football Wednesday, explained not only the roller coaster of emotions he and his family had to ride, but he exposes some of the behind-the-scenes process and what players are told by scouts.

“The draft process, that’s a terrible process,” Lindsay explained. “It eats you alive throughout the time that you are waiting. And when you don’t get that call, it honestly hurt my family more than it hurt me.”

Hey, that makes sense; family members want to see a young man reach his dreams, even if the player is realistically knowing he likely won’t be drafted.

“So when I wasn’t drafted, I was angry,” Lindsay said. “At one point, I wasn’t going to go to Denver.”

Lindsay went onto say he nearly picked another team because the Broncos drafted Royce Freeman in the third round and David Williams in the seventh, even if he is a native to the Mile High City. With two players drafted at his position, Lindsay knew the competition would be intense, but, he clearly rose above that to become a star as a rookie.

And maybe the most interesting comments from Denver’s running back were about how NFL scouts lie to the draft hopeful players.

“You got scouts calling you 24/7 and they’re lying,” Lindsay said. “They’re saying they’re going to pick you and they don’t.”

Here’s Lindsay’s entire appearance on the show this morning:

With the Super Bowl only four days away, that leaves the NFL draft a mere few months in the future. Things are going to get tense for a lot of draft hopeful football players across the country, and now we know just how difficult can be for someone as they wait for their name to be called during draft weekend.

For Lindsay, being undrafted meant almost not coming to Denver, but he made a smart decision and used that chip on his shoulder to power one of the greatest seasons for an undrafted rookie running back ever. He finished with 1,037 yards and nine touchdowns on the ground, with another 241 yards and a touchdown through the air, and he wasn’t even the starter for the first seven games of the season. He was the first undrafted rookie running back to make the Pro Bowl, although his injury kept him from playing.

Even though he broke a bone in his hand, Lindsay’s staying positive and saying everything is about timing as he looks to bounce back in time for the 2019 season.