The Denver Nuggets had no expectation for their trade with the Detroit Pistons — which sent Bol Bol to the Motor City in exchange for Rodney McGruder and the Brooklyn Nets 2022 second round — to be voided due to Bol not passing his physical on Thursday morning, but sources confirmed to Mile High Sports that is exactly what happened. Mike Singer of the Denver Post was first to report the story.

On Monday, Jan. 10th, the Nuggets PR staff had sent out the official announcement of the completion of the trade resulting in the acquisition of McGruder and the second-round pick after the initial reports of the deal being done. From that point forward, both players headed to their new teams and took their physicals.

According to a Nuggets source, McGruder’s physical went just fine. He even took part in a practice with Denver, as first reported by Singer.

Directly following the announcement of the trade, Denver’s social media team sent out a brief tribute to Bol, who was drafted by the Nuggets after they traded to acquire the 44th pick to select him.

The team then followed the Bol trade by announcing the signing of wing James Ennis III to a 10-day contract just a couple hours later. Ennis now wears number 10 for the Nuggets, the same number Bol has worn since becoming a member of the team.

All of that happened on Jan. 10, which was Monday. On Thursday morning, Jan. 13, the deal was voided due to the Pistons not passing Bol’s physical.

According to a Nuggets source, the reason for their surprise is Bol’s health. He has been almost injury-free since entering the NBA and the Nuggets had no indication or expectation that he could fail the physical. Simply, the Nuggets did not see this coming.

But now that begs the question. What is really going on?

Did the Nuggets miss an injury to Bol that was significant enough for the Pistons to void the entire trade three days later?

Did the Pistons get cold feet and decide to void the trade on a smaller ailment?

Did the Nuggets deem a potential issue as less problematic than how the Pistons viewed it?

There are no answers to those questions right now, but there is no denying how bizarre this situation is. Bol will likely be on his way back to Denver and McGruder is on his way back to Detroit along with the late second-round pick Denver got in return.

But for now, Denver’s roster and coaching staff has no time to worry about who between Bol and McGruder will be available. They have to focus on the challenge in front of them which is getting their bench unit stabilized and finding better lineups to play around Nikola Jokic as they prepare to take on the Portland Trail Blazers at home, who will be without Damian Lillard due to a surgical procedure on his abdomen. Odds for that matchup can be found courtesy of FanDuel Sports.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.