In the NFL, it’s not about style points. If that were the case, there’s no way these Denver Broncos would be sporting Super Bowl rings on their fingers.

In the NFL, it’s about wins and losses, and right now, all the Broncos do is win, win, win no matter what.

Much like last season, the Broncos are finding plenty of ways to win football games, none of which seem to involve the offense. Against the Panthers, it was a missed extra point. Against the Colts, it was two defensive touchdowns — sound familiar? No matter how they’ve done it, though, the result is the same: 2-0.

While it’s a familiar place to be — the Broncos have been 2-0 in each of the last four seasons — it still feels great, and the Broncos players expressed that after the game.

Next on their schedule, the Denver Broncos will travel to Cincinnati to face Andy Dalton and the Bengals in their first road game of the season. Last year, the Broncos beat the Bengals in an exciting overtime game, capped off by a DeMarcus Ware fumble recovery.