Mike Bobo was extended this week through the 2022 season, just like his boss, AD Joe Parker was. Were they good deals for CSU? We get into why Rams fans should be happy with the two and what it means for the program.

Then we get into the Gildan New Mexico Bowl, giving you a preview of both teams. Did you see those awesome white and green bone horn helmets the Rams are wearing? Who are some stars for the Thundering Herd on both sides of the ball and what does CSU have to do to win?

We give you the keys to victory.

Then, the second half is a quick preview of Men’s basketball. They’ve had a tough go of it on the road and look to snap a two-game losing streak on Sunday afternoon. At home, they’re perfect, so why not go see them at 3 p.m. MST at Moby, Sunday?

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